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Free Speakers Series-Common Grounds-to Launch on March 10th at Coyle Free Library

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

The Franklin County Coalition for Progress (FCCP) is partnering with the Franklin County Library System and the Pennsylvania Library Associations PA Forward initiative, to provide a free speakers series, Common Grounds, aimed at increasing civic and social awareness in the community.

Common Grounds will feature guest speakers who will address specific topics related to social and civic issues on the second Saturday of each month, from 10am-12pm at the Coyle Free Library. Coffee will be provided for free by Brussel's Cafe. The event is open and free to the public. The first event is on March 10th and will feature former Borough Manager and Community Development Specialist, Judy Chambers, who will give a presentation entitled Running for Office 101.

“One of FCCP’s goals is to get our local community talking about the issues and involved civically, and finding coming ground is the first step in those conversations. We don’t really care which side of an argument you’re on; we’re not here to persuade. Our goal is to provide the information you need to make an informed decision,” said Courtney Wolfe, a FCCP board member who helped organize Common Grounds.

Since Coyle Free Library re-opened after renovations, it has been working with community partners to realize its vision of being a community-center for all types of information and knowledge. The PA Forward initiative is focused on increasing competencies in Basic Literacy, Information Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy, and Financial Literacy. “Common Grounds is a great platform to bring more knowledge to more people in our community,” said Jill Yaich, Director of the Coyle Free Library.

Upcoming speakers and topics include:

• April 14th - Dr. Sara Grove, How Local & State Government Works

• May 12th - District Attorney Matt Fogal, The Opioid Crisis in Franklin County

• June 9th - Curtis Hoover, Coming Out in the U.S.: An Overview

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