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Franklin Votes

Thomas Jefferson famously said that an informed electorate is a prerequisite for Democracy. As American citizens, we each have the right to vote for our legislators and be active participants in our democratic process. We can help shape the community we live in by supporting the ideas we believe in and would like to see implemented. When we have an informed electorate, we have the power to create a government that best represents the people and works for the majority of the electorate.


We believe, like Thomas Jefferson, that voter education is a basic need in our community. As such, it is a priority for our organization. Not only are we concerned with people registering to vote, but also having basic information about the structure of our government, elections, and the voting process. Everyone in the community should have their voices heard by their representatives...that starts with voting. 

Franklin Votes launched in 2022 to help fill the divide in access to localized education about elections and voting. Franklin Votes is a non-partisan initiative driven by volunteers to spread awareness of voter information and resources. Our aim is to increase voter turnout in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Franklin Votes activities include:

  • Website,, providing digital resources for voting

    • It is the only source to find comprehensive candidate information for local elections!​

  • Voter Resources Toolkit for Organizations to help other nonprofits increase civic engagement

  • Outreach at community events and festivals providing voter registration and other resources in-person

  • Social media campaigns surrounding the elections answering voter FAQs and promoting resources

  • The annual Fly Into Action Kite Festival - a free community event providing family activities alongside information about voting each October

Find more information and view the extensive voter resources at

Franklin Votes is strictly non-partisan. As such, we do not endorse any parties or candidates.

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