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In pursuit of our mission, we aim to create a community culture that values differences leading to acceptance of all people, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, social class, ethnicity, age, or ability. To do this, we must advocate to spread awareness of our mission.

Advocacy allows our elected officials, as well as voters and the community, to learn what our mission is and how it helps our community. Through the process of advocacy, legislators can make informed decisions about passing laws that benefit the community and solve issues. 


Another way to think of our advocacy efforts is to equate it with ambassadorship. FCCP actively strives to educate others about our mission, advocate for legal changes that support our mission, and educate voters about general election resources and issues that relate to our mission. While we advocate for issues that serve our mission, we never endorse candidates or political parties. 


We pride ourselves on embracing diversity, and that includes embracing people of all political affiliations. Partisanship has strongly polarized America, and we want to see our community come together. Rather than division, we strive for unity. We envision a community where differences are valued, opinions are respected, every person has equal rights, everyone has equitable access to opportunities, and all feel welcome. 

We encourage you to join us in our pursuit of social justice and equality for all in Franklin County, PA. Learn more about membership.

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