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Franklin County Equality and FCCP Release LGBTQ+ Acceptance / Needs Survey

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Chambersburg, PA: In an effort to gauge the needs of the LGBTQ population in Franklin County and the level of acceptance felt by their neighbors, Franklin County Equality in partnership with FCCP have created a survey they hope will guide their future efforts in education and services in our area. Recent results of an ongoing survey by GLAAD have shown a step backward in attitudes about the LGBTQ community from the progress made in recent years. The ongoing attacks on basic rights, the rollbacks of protections and guidance in schools along with the nominations of anti-LGBTQ legislators have made Americans feel more comfortable in voicing their discomfort with marginalized groups as a whole and LGBTQ in particular.

The recent resolution of support for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in Pennsylvania statewide Human Rights legislation, passed by Chambersburg Borough Council, brought to light the need for more information. Franklin County Equality and FCCP would like to know how residents in our community view these issues and what the LGBTQ community needs to ensure they feel welcome and protected here. As partners in the effort to advance social justice and equality for all Franklin County Residents, Franklin County Equality Center and FCCP hope to obtain survey responses from a wide section of our population so we can understand the issues currently facing our LGBTQ community. The information gathered will then be used to create programs to fill needs and education to foster acceptance.

The survey will be available through the month of April.



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