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FCCP Launches Local Podcast

The Progress Pod to Provide a Forum for Thoughtful, Insightful Conversation

What do you get when you combine thoughtful people, creative energy and over 10 years of experience in public radio? The Progress Pod.

Local residents Pete Mazzone and Jeremy Cate are teaming up to produce the local podcast as a program of the Franklin County Coalition for Progress (FCCP). Mazzone and Cate are avid listeners of public radio and podcasts. "Podcasts provide a powerful medium to express ideas and opinions and we think there's a need for that in our community," said Mazzone, a local artist.Mazzone has been involved with FCCP since it started and has been interested in finding a way to advance its cause. Mazzone is the host of the Progress Pod.

Cate, a stay at home dad and former Borough of Chambersburg Council member, worked in public radio for 10 years and brings a range of radio skills to the table. He will produce and edit the show, and do some co-hosting. Cate worked for public radio stations in Kansas City, Fairbanks (Alaska) and Dillingham (Alaska) before moving to Chambersburg in 2008. 

The lead-in to the first podcast:

"Our goal at the Progress Pod is to provide insightful, thoughtful and frank conversation. Whether it be with community leaders or our friends and neighbors. Chambersburg has a diversity ripe to explore and we aim to do just that.  

In addition, we plan to bring you local news and culture… Whether it’s dispatches from Chambersburg Borough Council, a look at what’s going on at our local institutions of higher education or hearing from a local artist.

While we’re called the Progress Pod, and we’re a production of the Franklin County Coalition for Progress, on this show we aim to reclaim words as pejorative political labels, and offer them as they are defined by Merriam Webster…

Progress: To move forward or onward; To continue toward completion; to improve; to advance to a higher state.

Liberal: One who advocates greater freedom of thought or action

Also, you could say we’re a pretty bare bones operation here right now but with your help we can grow. Please send us your feedback and ideas at And with that, on to today’s show…"

The first show features the founders of the FCCP, Noel Purdy, Melissa Deeken, Natasha Goessel and Brenda Hefner. Make sure to listen. 

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