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Civil discourse has long been one of the hallmarks of a democratic society. According to Mike Mrowicki of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, “Finding common ground and appealing to “the better angels of our nature,” as Lincoln said, we will also remember our common love for democracy and this great experiment in democratic principles.” 

When we gather together to learn about important issues in our community, share a cup of coffee and civilly discuss these issues, the barriers between us fade and we remember that we are all from the same humanity. 

“...civility doesn't require consensus or the suspension of criticism. It is simply the ability to disagree productively with others while respecting their sincerity and decency.” 

― Ravi Iyer and Jonathan Haidt

The healthy exchange of ideas and information between people with different views in our community is a necessary part of a functioning democracy. We can all play a part in this revival of a civil society by listening to one another, sharing ideas and passing them on to others. 

Franklin County Coalition for Progress believes that this civil discourse and education will strengthen our community and create common ground for equality and inclusion for all of our citizens. 

FCCP partnered with Coyle Free Library on Common Grounds, a free speakers series focused on increasing social and civic awareness. The Franklin County Library System and FCCP have partnered on Common Grounds as part of the Pennsylvania Library Association's PA Forward initiative.

The next Common Grounds series will focus on Immigration; see flyer below.

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