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On Monday, May 25, George Floyd was killed in the streets of Minneapolis while handcuffed and pinned under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer.

The officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for over five minutes, despite his numerous pleas for help:


“My neck hurts.”


“My stomach hurts.”


“I can’t breathe.”


The lack of concern from the officers for George Floyd’s life is staggering. 


The four officers involved have been fired from their posts at MPD, but only one has been arrested and charged. That’s why we’re joining George Floyd’s family and local organizers in demanding that Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman prosecute all of the officers involved in his murder.

This incident is part of a larger and long-standing pattern of violence against Black children and adults, and it is a reminder that we must confront the systemic racism embedded in the criminal legal system, not just the actions of individual actors. 


Take action for George, and all of the victims of systemic racism and injustices, by taking action.

>> Here are ways YOU can take action in our Franklin County community and get involved with local initiatives fighting for change: 

Racial Reconciliation - A local grassroots group working to address racial justice. 


Mission - To be a community that nurtures, equips and mobilizes people to work for racial justice in our Franklin County and beyond.


TO JOIN contact Janel Lehman,, to be added to the meeting email list.


Current Initiatives - The following projects are being planned within Racial Reconciliation to address specific issues and raise awareness.

  • LOVE DEMONSTRATION - June 20 - Register by June 10! - Demonstration on the Rt 30 and Rt 11 corridors radiating from the square. We will line the street/sidewalk 6 feet apart holding signs (slogans yet to be determined).

  • BLACK OUT DAY - July 7 - Only spend money at minority owned businesses (more details to come)

    • Join the group developing ways to work for change economically. Contact Jon Raber at

  • POLITICAL IMPACT - The education committee seeks to get representation on the school board that better reflects the community, and will also be looking at elected positions across our community. 

    • Interested in the political impact on racial justice? Contact Melissa Kuhns at

  • WHITE PEOPLE WORK - White people need to do the work to recognize the issues in themselves, their institutions, and the community. This takes a commitment to repentance, digging deep and sometimes unlearning and relearning. There are several opportunities to do this: 

    • If you are interested in joining the virtual group that will be using Be the Bridge materials, contact Scott Bowerman at

    • If you are interested in supporting your church leaders by having a class on racial injustice and need suggestions for curriculum, contact Scott Bowerman at the above address.

    • Link to Be the Bridge:

    • Join the online group organized by a friend of Marvin Worthy,

Franklin County Coalition for Progress - A local group of citizens working with a variety of community partners to increase social and civic competencies to empower individuals to use their voice and rights to help themselves, and others.


Mission - To advance social justice and equality for all Franklin County residents. 

TO JOIN contact Noel Purdy,, to learn about ways to get involved.

Also, FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK and join the FCCP Facebook Group

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